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Ready to adopt? Adopting a kitten or cat means a lifetime commitment ... as long as THEY live. If you are free to love and care for (and to be loved unconditionally) for the next 1-20+ years, you've come to the right place! 

Already have a furry friend? Adopt another! An animal companion keeps them playful, active and comforted when you are away.

Seniors ... want a furry friend and companion but on a limited budget? Email us about our "free" Senior Program.

Business owners ... need a Vice President of Morale in your office? We have the purrfect "meow-er" for you! 

Message from the animal companion you lost ...

When I die please don't say

"I won't have another kitty."

Search for one who is not loved, abandoned, in a shelter or roaming the streets and let them take my place.

Every kitty has a story ... make sure each has a happy ending.

Please reach out to us via email at There are so many in need. Be their hero!

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