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Without our wonderful volunteers, helping cats and kittens would not be possible. Volunteers are truly angels!

Join us and help us create homes and build shelters! Email us to begin the process. 

Here is a sampling of how you can help. What area is your passion and/or expertise? We'd love your help!

Admin - Monitor our office processes for maximum efficiency, organize cat and kitten files, track emails, maintain our contact database, and much much more!

"Cabbies" - Pick up and drop off cats and kittens transporting them as needed to TCAP, vet appts, and more.

"Truckers" - Haul our big and small items as needed such as picking up and dropping off tables and chairs to an event or pick up and drop off cat crates and cat trees to locations as needed. And much much more!

Social-ite - Maximize our social media outlets and much much  more!

Socialite - Are you people-friendly and love speaking with others and promoting helping cats and kittens? Help grow our sponsors, supporters, volunteers and more!

Booth "Buddies" - Research, register and organize booths at various events.

Event Coordinator - Coordinate an event of your choice and help us make it happen! 

Event Volunteer - Pick an event or all of them and help the event coordinate make it happen!

"Musicians" - Research and coordinate DJs, bands and more for our fundraising events.

Graphic Designer - Help with images and photos as needed for website, logos, flyers and much much more!


"Surfer" - Great at websites? Help us maintain and update Whiskers And Kittens (.org).


"Techie" - Be our go-to technology expert and keep us working smoothly!

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